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~ The Saint Louis Ambassadors ~

'1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation'

Video: Judy Garland sings

'Meet Me in St. Louie, Louie'

  The Saint Louis Ambassadors '1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' was launched on March 14, 2002 at the top of the Chase Hotel with nearly one thousand attendees that watched our team launch this historical event with a clip of Hollywood Star, Judy Garland, singing 'Meet Me in St. Louie, Louie'...Meet Me at the Fair'. Our emcees were KMOV TV 4 News Anchors Julius Hunter and Vicki Newton who made her first public debut at the event. Our VIP's included Missouri Governor Bob Holden, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay, St. Louis County Executive 'Buzz' Westfall, Archbishop Justin Rigali and a host of special guests from all walks of life. 

The Saint Louis Ambassadors launch their

'1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' in 2002!

  The President of the Saint Louis Ambassadors, Frank Ferrara, introduced the new leaders of the foundation who were Cicardi A. Bruce as Chairman and Richard T. Pisani as President. That night the two men garnered support from the nearly one thousand attendees who joined as new members and paid a whopping $19.04. Also, they secured Sean Clancy, as the new Secretary/Treasurer & Legal Counsel, Joanie Bengston as Vice President of Events and Rob Mitchell as Vice President of Archives. They immediately assembled a brand new Executive Board, Advisory Board and Honorary Board to help with the planning and execution of our new mission. 

  That night Missouri Governor Bob Holden gave the team an assignment, which was to 'assemble a diverse group of citizens from the entire St. Louis Region and celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1904 World's Fair & III Olympics in Forest Park throughout the year of 2004'...and we did just that! After a very successful series of events in 2014 our group decided to continue with a new goal in mind. So, starting in 2005, we adopted a new mission, which is to raise funds for the Forest Park 'beautification program', St. Louis Zoo 'special projects' and - most importantly - other local charities. 

  In 2014 we hosted three events that Capture Now Video archived for here to watch! Our '50th Anniversary' events will be better!

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