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  The Saint Louis Ambassadors '1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' celebrates the 250th.Birthday of the founding of St. Louis in 1764 by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau on February 14, 2014 at the MAC in downtown St. Louis. Over 300 attendees enjoyed this amazing event that was hosted by Susan Bruce and the 'MAC Pack' who had 12 ladies that planned and executed a stunning 'Affair to Remember' with Miss Missouri, Shelby Ringdahl as our guest of honor.

  St. Louis was started as a fur trading post with a pioneers and has become the fifteenth largest economic engine in the U.S. with 2.8M residents, 193K businesses and over 1K charities.

Photo on 2-14-14: (L/R)

Rich Pisani, Miss Missouri Shelby Ringdahl, Cicardi Bruce and

the MAC-PAK Hostess, Susan Bruce.

Photo: (L/R)

Joanie Bengston and Dr. Blanche Touhill, UMSL Chancellor Em.

Joanie Bengston gives the 113 attendees and Dr. Touhill a brief story of milestone events

in St. Louis' history, including the 250th Anniversary of the founding of

St. Louis by Pierre Laclede and Auguste' Chouteau.

Photo: (L/R)

Joanie Bengston, John Parker, Dr. Blanche and Joe Touhill

Joanie Bengston and John Parker present the 'Excellence in Education' Declaration to our Honorary Board Member,

Dr. Blanche Touhill - UMSL Chancellor Emeritus -

while her husband Joe presents her

with a bouquet of flowers.

Video: Happy Birthday to St. Louis!

Mayor Francis Slay

   St. Louis is celebrating its 250th. Birthday throughout the entire year of 2014...and celebrate they will! Just go to and see what events the entire St. Louis Region will be hosting. The City of St. Louis was founded on February 14, 1764 by Pierre Laclede and his stepson, Auguste Chouteau as a fur trading post and adopted its first symbol, which is a bronze statue in Forest Park of canonized Saint and King Louis IX. Hence, it received its name St. Louis, which some call 'St. Louie', 'The Lou' or the 'Gateway to the West'...but all of its residents call it 'home'. The area expanded quickly with new citizenry, plus its commerce sprawled rapidly on both sides of the Mighty Mississippi River. This steady expansion then gave birth to its fifteen surrounding counties in both Missouri and Illinois. And now the metro-area is the 15th. largest economic engine in the United States, which is home to over 2.8M residents, 193K businesses and 1K charitable foundations. 

  On October 28, 1965 the construction was completed on the 'Jefferson National Expansion Memorial', which is the second symbol that was adopted and best known as the 'St. Louis Arch'. Also, on this day, St. Louis City Mayor A.J. Cervantes (1965 to 1972) launched an all-volunteer group with support from Cicardi A. Bruce and Ralph Turney to promote community service and goodwill in the entire St. Louis Region...he gave it the name 'The Saint Louis Ambassadors' (SLA) and the organization will celebrate its 50th. Anniversary throughout 2015. On March 14, 2002 SLA launched it's '1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' to celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1904 World's Fair & III Olympics that was held in Forest Park at the turn of the century. Our all-volunteer group continues to raise much-needed funds for the Forest Park 'beautification program', the St. Louis Zoo and - most importantly - other local charities.

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