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The Saint Louis Ambassadors  

~ The Saint Louis Ambassadors ~

'1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' 

   The Saint Louis Ambassadors (SLA) President, Ralph Turney (R), was present on November 3, 2008 to support the 1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation when it opened its new office. MO State Rep, Vicki Schneider, presented a MO Resolution to the all-volunteer organization on behalf of the MO State Legislature.

Photo: (F: L/R -B: L/R ) with MO State Rep.

Joanie Bengston, Rich Pisani, Tony Kaufer, Robin

Jones, John Walsh, Dr. Jim Logan, Jen Radman,

Stephanie Falbe, Chris Schmidt, Barbie Linton, MO

State Rep Vicki Schneider, Barbie Linton, Patrick

Vincent, Mark Kelly, Eric Smith, Bob Bess, Sean

Clancy and Ralph Turney.

   The Saint Louis Ambassadors '1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation' welcomes their newest Advisory Board Members on January 7, 2012 from the Adoption Exchange and the MLB St. Louis Cardinals.

Photo: (F: L/R - B: L/R)

F: Rich Pisani - President, Kerry Robinson -

MLB St. Louis Cardinals Scout,

B: Joanie Bengston - VP of Events, Dick Wolf.

Brad Wood - CFO of the St. Louis Cardinals,

Karen Wood - Adoption Exchange, Lisa

Schaffer - Adoption Exchange, Cicardi

Bruce - Chairman and Susan Bruce - Executive

Committee & Event Hostess.

    The current officers of the Saint Louis Ambassadors gather on January 07, 2012 at the beautiful home of Cicardi & Susan Bruce for a cocktail reception and board meeting with their 1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation 'Advisory Board' and their guests to discuss what events they can co-host in 2013 and 2014.

Photo: (L/R)

Rich Pisani - President, Sean Clancy - Legal

Counsel, Joanie Bengston - Secty/Treasurer

and Cicardi Bruce - Chairman and Event Host.

   Dr. Blanche Touhill, the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) was recognized on August 18, 2014 by the Saint Louis Ambassadors, the U.S. Small Business Institute and the 1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation with their 'Excellence in Education' Declaration.

Photo (L/R)

Joanie Bengston, John Parker, Dr. Blanche

Touhill and Mr. Joe Touhill.

Premier Programs:

  The Saint Louis Ambassadors (SLA) is an all-volunteer organization and does not charge a membership fee, but we do ask that you volunteer as much time as you can afford to 'help us help others.' We are looking for professionals who are experts in their field and want to 'give back to their local community' by donating time, talent and expertise to become active in one of our following five premier standing committees.

1) Speakers Bureau:

    Help us spread the word about other great local organizations and major regional

historical events by being trained and making public presentations to local business, civic, charity, veterans and political groups in the St. Louis Region.  

2) Event Planning Team:

    Help us help other local organizations that need assistance in planning and in executing events in order to meet their goals. 

3) Recognition Board:

    Help us give the much deserved recognition to area leaders that have truly had a positive impact on improving our

lives in our metro area. Our squadron of men and women squadron hosts the

'Salute St. Louis!' program to spotlight leaders who have gone unrecognized for their untiring efforts in the business, civic, charity, veterans and veterans arenas.

4) Veterans Affairs Committee:

    Help us help other local 'veterans support groups' that need assistance in supporting our WW II, Korean War, Viet Nam War and any current conflict or war Veterans that keep our country safe from foreign intruders.

5) Political Affairs Assembly:

    Help us select, support and elect the right candidates for office in Missouri and Illinois, their counties and municipal governments.

6) Community Affairs Council: 

    Help us sponsor or co-sponsor events in the community with a very diverse group of individuals to help make our entire St. Louis Region a better place to live, work and do business.

7) Sister Cities Program:

     Help us work with an idea launched by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to utilize 'citizen diplomacy' to reduce world conflicts. We support the St. Louis 'Sister Cities Program' that is located in the World Trade Center in Clayton, MO in order to

build better economic ties and more solid diplomatic relationships with the 15 Sister Cities around the world.

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