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Ferguson/USA 'Hot Talk Radio' from Ferguson!?

Hi gang!

Last October 6 of 2014 the Saint Louis Ambassadors launched both the Saint Louis Sun and The Trinity Tribune internet based newspapers. Both papers post to over 967K e-contacts on LinkedIn with 'fresh news twice daily.' We get the word out about headline news occuring locally, nationally or globally as any other digital publication does due to the internet highway that allows us to span the planet and take a break in a 'cloud'.

This coming April 15 of 2015 the Saint Louis Ambassadors will launch a new internet based call-in talkradio show named Ferguson/USA 'Hot Talk Radio', which will be operated by radio veterans Mark Moebius of the Rock Radio in St. Albans and our very own Mark Kasen in St. Louis. The Rock plays 24/7 Gospel music and is now rated #1 in St. Louis on Facebook and the new talk radio station is set to launch on tax day of 2015...just so we don't forget its annual birthday. The two stations will be headquartered out of the St. Albans studio, but both will have a satellite broadcast office located at the Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson, MO, which is operated by Pastor & MO State Rep, Tommie Pearson. Mark Kasen will be looking for interesting guests to interview, co-hosts and radio administration interns, so call him at 314-609-0666 if you are interested in volunteering your time to learn the radio biz, ok?

Rich Pisani

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